Year End Fitness Resolution

This is the time of the year when everyone is in a gay and celebration mood and amidst the environment fun and food most of us forget about our health.  Many of us take health resolutions in this time of the year but forget about it as soon as the bottle of wine is back to the shelf. But you don’t need extra-ordinary powers to keep your goals alive. Does not matter whether your goal is to do 10 push-ups or going for a marathon. What is more important is to be motivated.

Manageable Resolutions

A resolution should not be so big that it’s difficult to start. The reason is psychological because our brain do not want to come out from the comfort zone and try something different. For example, if you have never run but planning to go for a half marathon, give yourself some time. Start walking for few kilometers twice a week and slowly start jogging and then running. Do not try to jump to the conclusion suddenly.

Be clear about your Motives

You should be very clear about why do you made this goal? Why do you want to achieve that?. If you are clear about it then it will motivate you to achieve your goals. Regular exercise have many benefits including lowering cholesterol level, boost up energy and even makes you feel much more happier.

Maintain a Schedule

Time management is one of the most important thing in any kind of work and equally for the workout. The best time of the day to exercise is in the early morning and it encourage healthier eating and makes you more active. But it is not necessary that you workout in the morning, schedule your workout time whenever it suits you.

Keep it interesting

If your resolution is to exercise three to four time a week, try make it more interesting. Instead of doing one or two repetitive exercise which will become boring and you may lose interest, book a session with good Yoga classes in Kolkata and experiment with yoga, kettle bells, rock climbing, team sports and many more to make your workout little more interesting.


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