Five Diet Rules for Working Woman

Health Tips for Working Woman


It is needless to say that every working woman should take good care of her for better health and well being. Best Yoga Classes in Kolkata suggest few tips or methods for all working women to have a splendid health and well toned body.

Focus on Your Daily Diet


For the working women it is essential to take at least 500 to 750ml milk every day. Pulses, sprouts and eggs should be included for two to three times a week. Honey is a good option to stay fit and avoid nutritional deficiencies. Include fresh and leafy vegetables, fish, white meat and fruits in your daily diet.

Beat The Stress With Healthy Breakfast


Breakfast is the first vital meal of the day so make it healthy and very filling. Oats, cornflex, dosa, idlee, roti-sabzi and milk anything you can have but never ever think of skipping your breakfast. It is best to carry fresh or dried fruits as they are nutrient rich and satiate your hunger. Dates, prunes, cashew nuts, almonds, peanuts are suggested snacks for a working woman.

Keep Yourself Hydrated


Always carry a bottle of water and keep it within your reach. Adequate hydration is as important as food; on the contrary dehydration makes you lethargic and tired very fast. Water has direct impact on skin; it takes out toxins from your body making it glowing and perfect. Reduce the intake of tea or coffee during office hours and restrict yourself with four cups of caffeine a day and not more than that.

Work Out Daily


Group Training in Kolkata suggests a daily work out regime for all working women, it helps them to be in shape and at the same time reduce the stress level. An hour of exercise helps to maintain good health in the long run. But before jump for something abruptly take a doctor’s advice.

Pack Your Lunch


It is very important to keep processed foods and carbonated drinks to a bare minimum. Mostly the working women buy lunch from outside resulting in many health hazards. Please ensure to have homemade food at least four days a week, it has another positive effect, you can entirely be dictated by your own preferences and needs.

Women are prone to be anaemic and while talking about working women, they have responsibilities both at home and in office so a balanced diet is a must for them. Speed up your metabolism and be fit and fine with these diet tips.


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