Should You Exercise When You Are in Your Teens

Perfect Work Out for Teenagers


Various kind of pressures and lack of exercise made today’s children especially teens of a developing nation obese. Today’s fast paced digital world expects many things together from its future generation resulting in structured lives and lack of physical inactivity; which ultimately causes many unwanted diseases among the teens. Group Training in Kolkata suggests proper work out tips for the teens to stay fit and fine keeping the diseases at the bay.

Different Dance Forms


Teenagers are dance enthusiasts and so they can adopt dance exercises like hoop dance, hip hop, zumba dance or kick boxing. It is best to be enrolled to any of the classes where you can avail facilities of all the programs under some expert’s guidance. Dance classes provide opportunities to stay fit while having fun which is very necessary for a teen.

Warm Up Is Pivotal

Whatever you choose make sure that includes aerobic activities. It makes you breathe harder and increases your heart rate at the same time. Any physical activity needs warming up to flex your muscles and protect you against any injury. Make it mandatory to warm up before go for any exercise. It also burns off body fat suggests rock climbing wall Kolkata.

Resistance Training

Resistance training helps to strengthen body structure and tone muscles while core exercises tone up the flexibility of the body. A professional trainer can help your teenager with these two types of exercises. A stronger core muscle helps to overcome injuries while performing daily exercises.

Get Rid of Sedentary Lifestyle


In addition to exercise few other changes are vital for a teenager such as spending lesser time in front of TV, computer or video games, stopping unhealthy binging, drinking plenty of fluids sans carbonated drinks etc. And on the contrary having healthy meals those include essential nutrients in a right proportion such as lots of green vegetables and fruits. Keep mind that whole fruits are always better options than fruit juices.

Every teenager needs 1800 to 2500 calories per day. Do not stop the junk food completely but enjoy your favorite pizza or burger once in a while. Consultation with a nutritionist is a must before starting any exercise programs where the doctor can formulate a proper diet plan based on the body weight and age. Be stress free to maintain a healthy lifestyle.




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