Stay Fit This Spring

Spring is the season of romance and new beginning. Feel the fresh energy of spring with a sound health. Never let health worries clutter your mind and soul, best yoga classes in Kolkata enlighten you with few necessary tips to be at the pink of your health this spring.

Morning Walk Helps to Grab Vitamin D


After the winter mist spring welcomes an early sunrise, brisk walk in the morning will help you to lose weight as well as to boost your vitamin D level from early morning sun. Regular walking will help you to reduce various health worries such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma etc. It is recommended by the topmost group training in Kolkata to walk 10000 steps to lose 400 calories.

Improve Your Lower Back Pain With Yoga


Yoga improves your health better than any other conventional treatments. Physical and psychological distresses can be relieved by right kind of yoga. It is advised to join yoga classes in Kolkata and when you will feel confident about your abilities you can continue your practices even in jogger’s parks along with a group of people or in your drawing room.

Mow The Garden to Make It Spring-Beautiful


Mowing the lawn, raking the leaves and planting saplings is a good exercise you should take up in spring. Spring is the time for various colorful flowers so grab the opportunity to create a kaleidoscope in your house garden with lots of different species of flowers. Gardening is prescribed for those people who suffer from strokes and depressions.

Healthy Eating Is Key to Good Health


Eat lots of seasonal varieties such as asparagus, spinach, cauliflowers etc to control blood pressure and blood sugar. Spinach that is rich in iron helps the red blood cell of our body to transport oxygen; vitamin K is also present in spinach which prevents any bone related disease.


Enjoy the spring as you want, though winds start getting stronger and warmer this time yet make sure you take care by wearing scarves and refrain yourself from walking barefoot until the sun shines more consistently. Allow your enthusiasm to be unbundled this spring and go ahead.



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