Five Tips for Beginners in The Gym

Starting your fitness journey with proper education can go a long way toward your future success. We try our best from the best yoga classes in Kolkata to help you to achieve your fitness mission.

Make Fitness A Custom


Getting a whole new shaped and tones body is very tempting but the dedication and sacrifice need for having a well shaped body is a tedious process. It is very important to start off on the right track and stay for a long time. Many people get started on the wrong front, develop bad habits and then struggle to achieve their goals of building body and burning flab. So our idea is never get tempted to any unhealthy habits and stick to your fitness regime strongly.

Stay Loose And Posture Perfect


Unless you become a pro in using fitness equipments in gym frequent accidents may occur to you and so maintain a perfect posture during the work out. It is advised to keep your lower back slightly arched, chest up, head and neck in a neutral position. Beginners are prone to tensing up their muscles which is a strict no-no as it wastes lots of energy so relax your muscles while exercising, focus on the work you are doing to get better result.

Watch When You Lift

Man lifting weights

Never copy anyone when lifting weight. Beginners are best learnt by watching and listening to trainers. Most often bad forms come from trying to lift too much weight too early. Keep practicing till your trainer tells you to lift particular weight- heavier weight can wait.

Do Compound Movements


Starters are more interested in complex training methods especially found in fitness magazines and online articles but please remember that exercise is a long and lifelong process and so results also have long effects. If you never stepped your foot in a gym or have not been there for a long time start with the simple moves and gradually develop into compounds to avail best result. It is good to start with squat, bench, press, pull up and lunges, these lifts require you to use multiple muscle groups at the same time.

Clean Diet Is The Key


Only exercising and after that unhealthy binging will reach you nowhere. A proper diet that includes every dietary requirement in a balance is the key for both your mental and physical health. Nutrition does not have to be difficult. To start get rid of all the processed foods and make a smart choice with protein and vegetables at every meal.




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