Confessions of a Gym Bag: The Must-have Things in your Gym Bag

How many times have you stepped inside the locker after finishing your workout, opened your gym bag and found out that you have missed something essential? It is easy to forget things, especially if you are working in a tight schedule and it would be so much simple if you had some sort of a list where you could tick off items so that you need not tax your brain remembering everything! Here’s a perfect list to sail through rough hurried mornings and post-office workouts.

You cannot afford to miss a bottle of water in your gym bag; keep a reusable bottle handy which can be filled up before you hit the gym. This will be one life-saver which will keep your body hydrated. On a warm summer day, a soft towel is all you need to wipe up the irritating sweat from your eyebrows and eyelids. The sweaty palms on your yoga mats can be quite a bother, so always stash an extra towel just in case! Soft wipes will freshen you up in a jiffy after a sweaty and hearty workout. Do not forget a bottle of deodorant which will save you any embarrassment after a sweaty exercise regime.


Keep a nutrition bar in your gym bag; do not let your body go hungry after a workout. The body tends to get tired after exercise, so keep something to munch on after you have sweated the extra fat. Shedding those kilos does not mean that you will let your body go hungry! Always carry an extra top or a T-shirt after an intense workout session. If you are meeting friends or going for a small get-together just after you have hit the gym and have no time to change, a fresh shirt or a top can be a boon in disguise. You seriously do not want to appear in your sweaty self for the gathering; even if your friends appreciate your commitment towards fitness, a sweaty appearance can be a major turn-off!

Most gyms have showers which mean you may want to hit the shower before you head for work. Keep your favourite brand of shampoo stashed away in your gym bag. Did you hurt a muscle while stretching? Apply a bit of the pain-relieving gel from your gym bag. Women should keep their hair ties in their gym bag in case you just forget to tie your unmanageable mane!

You do not need to pack your entire house in your gym bag; keep it light, but never forget the essentials!


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