Summer Cheats – Stay Fit and Healthy in summer

The days of the scorching sun and sweltering heat are back and it is that time of the year when you need to take the adage ‘cool as a cucumber’ very seriously. The soaring mercury spares none and it becomes difficult for the body to adjust to the increasing heat. What can you do to beat the heat and stay fit and healthy in summer? Here are some cool tips to stay fit and fine!

Do you know why it is so difficult to exercise during summer? The body diverts blood from the muscle to the skin to keep it cool. As a result, you literally have to strain your body to stick to the exercise regimen. Instead of sticking to your regular routine, you can just switch on a different sport for the time being. Swimming, surfing and diving allow the body to stay cool even if you are outdoors. The heat can be pretty oppressive which makes it difficult for you to continue an hour-long exercise routine. You can simply break the entire routine in short bursts throughout the day, each regime spanning for about 15 minutes. This way, the body does not get tired or becomes dehydrated. Even if you are exercising outside, you do not have to stay under the sun for long which will be a boon.

Do not forget to drink lots of water during your exercise routine and throughout the day. Before you begin to exercise, start with drinking water or any other liquids at least 15 minutes before the entire routine. Eat light meals and begin with something juicy and nutritious for breakfast. Fruit lovers will have a blast with the summer fruit spread; melons, pears and citrus fruits are good for your guts and body. A fresh salad for lunch is most welcome; add some corn, lettuce, cucumber and summer greens to your plate along with pomegranates and top it with some fresh lemon zest. It is good to reduce the intake of chicken and read meat or anything spicy during summers.

Indian summers can be pretty merciless especially from 10 am to 4 pm when the sun is at its peak. Opt for lightweight free-flowing cotton clothes for children. Cotton is a light fabric which gives a nice airy feel to the body. If you have to stay outdoors, it is time to pick up a good pair of sunglass, a proper sunscreen and an umbrella. They are essential for summers. Those who stay long hours indoors cooped inside the conference room under a chilling AC should take enough breaks so that the body does have some movement. Get a good night’s sleep at least for 8 hours and you truly wake up fresh and beautiful ready to take on the heat!


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