Taking Care of Yourself -Mind- Body- Spirit

Thanks to the huge shift in lifestyle, Yoga is a raging trend. Yoga which is an ancient form of taking care of yourself, has suddenly become a new trend in the current scenario. Researchers from across the globe are catching up on the benefits of Yoga. Find out some of the benefits of Yoga which will force you to step in to your mat.

Enhance Your Flexibility

When you hear yoga, the first word that comes to your mind is flexibility. Yoga is known to enhance your flexibility thanks to all the stretches and postures of Yoga

Builds Muscle Strength

Strong muscles are always attractive. And yoga is one of the best and healthiest options to get strong muscle and protect us from conditions like arthritis and back pain and help elderly people to maintain their balance. While working out with weights in gym helps you gain muscles, but yoga adds flexibility and balance to it.

Perfect Posture

Most of the aches and health condition is the result of bad posture. But Yoga helps in better posture and balance. The yoga postures helps in maintaining your body weight, keeping your muscles relaxed and supports your spine properly leading to a better health.

Strengthens Bone Health

Weight-bearing exercises strengthens bones and helps you fight osteoporosis. But when you are into Yoga, you need to lift your own weight which strengthens the bones of your body. Yoga also helps in reducing stress hormone which helps in maintaining calcium in the bones

Better Blood Flow

Yoga can help you in better blood flow, especially the relaxation exercises. They help in getting more oxygen to your cells for better functioning. Twisting poses help in better circulation of the venous blood from internal organs and helps in the better flow of oxygenated blood to the different organs and parts of body.

Apart from all these benefits, yoga is known to help in better heart health and relieve depression and lead to a better and happy body, mind and soul


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