Tips To Beat the Heat This Summer

While winters in India can be very comfortable, it is the summer which can take a toll on your fitness regime. When most of us avoid staying outdoors due to the immense heat, working out in that heat can be equally uncomfortable and tiresome. However when you are a fitness freak, you can never skip your workout sessions. Stay healthy and fit this summer by following these simple tips.

Time of the Day

Choosing the right time to work-out is very important in summer. Avoid working out during the mid-day, as the temperature is maximum during these hours. If it is summer, the best time to work out is early morning.

Choosing the right clothes

Summer can be quite brutal and choosing the correct work-out attire is a must for all the fitness enthusiastic. Choose light colored clothes in cotton so that your skin is able to breathe and stay fresh. Cotton can lead to easy evaporation to cool you down as you sweat it out in the gym. You can also opt for hi-tech gym wear as the materials are perfect to keep you cool even when it is blazing outside.

Stay Hydrated

Before hitting the gym, it is a mandate to drink a lot of water or increase your liquid intake. Be it water or juices, adding enough liquid to your diet is a must during summer to keep you hydrated and fit. Working out can lead to a lot of sweat which might eventually lead to dehydration. Even if you are not thirsty keep sipping on your bottle to stay fit and hydrated.

Replenishment is the Key

While working out, try to add little packs of electrolyte or sodium or even table salt and sugar to your diet to beat the effects of heat on your system. They will not only keep your replenished but will also energize you to continue with your work out sessions and not feel tired.

Listen to your Body

The most important tip to stay healthy during summer is surely, pay attention to your body. Listen to your body because when there is something that is affecting your health, your body will be the first one to understand and signal it to you. Stop immediately when you feel dizzy or nauseated.


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