Can You Keep Up With the New Fitness Program- HIIT?

If you are a fitness freak and keep tab on the recent fitness trends, you must have come across the name HIIT. Ever wondered what is it all about and why is everyone going gaga over this current favourite form of fitness? If you are not yet enlightened about this particular form of fitness, here is a quick peek into the HIIT session.

First thing first, if you already don’t know about it, HIIT or High intensity interval training is the hottest fitness training method that is quite a rage in the current scenario. This training session is fast, intense and most effective in burning calories.

HIIT actually involves repeated bouts of work out which are highly intense with varied span of recovery or resting time. This helps in boosting metabolism by increasing the intake of oxygen. This training session results in maximum calorie burning yet also helps in increasing muscle mass. Apart from boosting your metabolism, this form of fitness training also help in lowering your blood pressure, help in maintaining or even increasing cardio vascular health and also improves cholesterol profiles. The benefits do not just end here. You get all these benefits in much lesser time in comparison to other fitness program.

A HIIT program usually includes 30 seconds of intense training which might include burpees, squats, high knees, reptile push-ups, lunges, squats and many other exercises and 10 to 15 seconds of resting time.

HIIT can be fun and effective but at the same time, it can be very intensive and tiring, hence it might be challenging for many. But if fitness is your priority and you do not have hours to spend in the gym, high intensive fitness training is the program you are looking for. It is challenging and effective, are you ready to keep up with it?


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