Pre-gym Habits to Keep You Fit

What if we tell you, that your pre-workout habit is already hampering your work out session? Obviously you will not feel great about it. Working out session should be an essential part of one’s life, not just for a fab body, but for a fit life as well. But hitting the gym is not the only way to stay fit. Your choices and habits should be correct. Here are some of the pre working habits which you must avoid in order to stay fit.

Too much of Water
Water is an essential thing to stay fit and hydrated but too much of water just before working out session can lead to muscle cramps and even make you feel nauseating. If you work out early in the morning, it is always advisable to drink your dose of water on the previous night.

Empty Stomach
Hitting the gym empty stomach, is one mistake most of us do, but it is strictly a no-no, going to the gym empty stomach. You might feek fatigued and even restless if you work out with an empty stomach. It is always advisable to munch a little snack an hour before you work out.

Huge meal
If working out with an empty stomach is a bad habit, that does not really mean you can have a 7 course meal before you hit the gym. Never ever eat yourself to a full stomach before a work out session, because it will do you no good.

Not Stretching Out
Many of us have the habit of jumping straight into a work out session at gym, without doing your warm up or stretching. Warm up sessions and stretches reduces the risk of injury and increases your flexibility making your work out session even more effective.

Sleep Deprived
If you work out early in the morning, losing your daily dose of sleep can be a bad habit. Don’t lose sleep just to hit the gym at the right time. Adequate amount of sleep is most important to keep yourself fit and healthy.


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