5 Common Fitness Misconceptions

“Exercise can erase my bad eating habits”, “Women need different exercises than men” these are some of the common myths related to workout which needs to be broken.

Whether you are looking forward to toning up, slim down or don the perfect summer body, there are certain fitness advices out there which will do more harm to your body than good. Here are some of the common misconceptions and myths related to workouts that can help you reach your fitness goal in a healthy way.

Sit-ups are shortcut to get six-pack abs.

Six pack abs has been quite a rage among the youth and fitness addicts after the entertainment industry brought it to the limelight. Since then it has been the most sought-after fitness goal for many. However, there are certain myths associated with it, according to trainers, sit-ups are the best way to get a six-pack, which is not totally false but has certain loopholes.

Sit-ups target the ‘six-pack’ core muscles, but too many of these will cause the tummy to bulge out, leading to a pot belly. To get a proper six pack you have to work on all the muscles instead of just the abdominal muscles.

Sports and exercise that are great for this include yoga, Pilates, and even golf.

Sports drink to re-hydrate post workout.

Staying hydrated while working out is a must, , not just with water but with specialist drink that is said to prevent dehydration and improve athletic performance. Yet the evidence for these drinks’ benefit is actually quite limited.

Majority of the sport drinks are plain sugar and water. Instead, it is recommended to refuel with plain water and a high-protein snack, since studies suggest protein helps to recondition muscles after a workout.

 Longer and harder session leads to more weight loss.

High-intensity exercise is good for heart health, but not effective for fat loss.

If one drags an exercise session the body will start producing excessive amounts of stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol, which will result in muscle tissue breakdown and finally damage the body. It is advised that after an intense workout session one should rest their body for at least a day and eat well for a quick recovery.

Regular exercise increases the appetite.

Exercise can burn energy which would normally be stored as fat and help to tone the muscles and it is good for the heart. It is important to work to the required exercise intensity for a certain amount of time to burn the required calories.

If the rate of exercise is similar to the food intake, the result will be disastrous as you will gain more weight instead. It is important to have a flexible routine, to keep the body healthy and provide adequate rest and recovery time to continue to see results.

Running for long hours can keep the body fit.

Running fast and hard for just 5 to 10 minutes a day can provide some of the same health outcomes as running for hours can. There have been similar benefits in terms of heart health among the ones who run for less than an hour a week, and the ones who run more than three hours per week.

Running will help to strengthen the cardiovascular system but it is recommended to perform some weight-bearing exercises too for two to three times a week.


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