5 Cheat snacks you can have this summer to stay fit

Every health freak deserves a bit of cheat snacks, thanks to all the dedication. Cheating on your diet especially for a whole day has as many proponents as opponents. The best time to eat a cheat meal is right after a workout.  The more weight you have to lose, the closer your workout should be to your cheat meal.

One main purpose of a cheat meal is to reset hormones that are responsible for metabolism and insulin regulation, to help replenish glycogen stores, and to help regulate leptin levels. It is summer, you deserve to treat yourself with cookies ‘n’ cream cone and turn it into daily rituals and your abs will be alright.

Ice cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Whether you are a strawberry or chocolate lover, this one dessert is everybody’s favorite. If you are looking for a cheat snack then this will be the best catch to lose the sweat for one day. While you shouldn’t be ordering a double-scoop on the daily, ice cream provides Vitamins, energy and minerals like calcium and phosphorus which can help you to stay fit on a summer’s day.


Give yourself a cool dinner night with your friends and a minty fresh sip of sugar per 8oz glass which will be perfect for a hot summer night. Just remember to stick to one.

Fried seafood

Fried seafood just feels so right in the summer. It is true that anything fried is a big ‘no’ for people who are on strict diet, but that is what cheat snacks are all about right?, Allowing yourself to have a a bit of fried food  every once in a while isn’t going to derail your efforts completely.


Creamy coffee or black and white shakes hit the spot on a scorching day. However, a few sips of sugar lead to a large amount of calories into your system. Keep your mind focused , and order a small shake or you can skip the sugar part altogether and just concentrate on the shake.

Frozen Yogurt

Summer time calls for the peanut butter and Nutella swirl cup with crushed cookies, cookie dough bites, M&Ms, on frozen yogurt to clench the thirst, but remember to go easy on the toppings. Getting your frozen yogurt fix once in a while won’t do too much harm to your fitness regime.


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